For 76 years, the Sims family has provided quality automotive sales, service, and repair at fair, reasonable prices in north Fort Worth and surrounding areas. For three-quarters of a century, Carl Sims and Sons has based its business ethics on family values such as, but not limited to, honesty, integrity, and caring. These ethics have always ensured that the customers receive top quality service and respect.


The present generation owner, Carl T, has worked at the shop since he was 13 years old learning the trade. Along with his 33 years of experience at the shop, he spent a few years at Freightliner where he earned certification in CAT, Cummins, and Detroit diesel engines. He also is ASE and MACS certified.





     The patriarch of the family, Carl "Chief" Sims, established Carl Sims and Sons in 1935. It has been passed from father to son for three generations.





In 1965, the business passed from Chief to his sons, Frankie, Pat, and Mike. Later, Frankie became the sole owner. (from L to R, Pat, Frankie, Mike)






   In 2009, Frankie passed the business on to his oldest son, Carl T, who plans to someday pass it on to his sons, Colton and Lucas.









The "Shop" (as it is referred to by family and friends) has been in its present location on Jacksboro HWY. since 1976. The shop is located on the north side of the highway less than a mile pass the Lake Worth bridge at Casino Beach. You can’t miss the bright yellow and blue building.

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